Give your views on road safety in Glasgow

A woman on a bike cycles in the road
Photo by Ross Sneddon on Unsplash

Calton Community Council recently received the following email from Glasgow City Council:

Glasgow City Council has been using Glasgow Community Choices to have a digital roundtable discussion on road safety with the residents and communities of Glasgow. This online engagement brings together people in Glasgow with an interest in road safety, with officers from the Council and Partners to shape decisions around how road safety can be improved across Glasgow.

The first phase of the digital roundtable had a small number of questions to spark a debate and conversation around road safety, 20mph limits, and reducing car journeys. The second phase is now live, where you can put forward your views on the proposals to help improve road safety.

The proposals phase will be open until Friday 22nd December, and I ask that you participate in the conversation and put forward your views on our road safety proposals to help make our communities safer.

There is a help section on the site if you need any assistance. Please register or login on the Glasgow Community Choices site now, using the myaccount service.

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