Planning Application – Telecommunications (5G) tower at Suffolk Street

Linework elevation showing the new monopole almost 15m higher than New Market Cafe
Proposed Elevations, showing the new monopole at 14.75m higher than the nearest roof level

An application has been received for the installation of telecommunications monopole and associated works outside 9 Suffolk Street.

In the site-specific supplementary information, the applicant explains that this monopole is to upgrade an existing unit that is currently located on 257 London Road (The Space), but that this rooftop is structurally unsuitable to manage the upgrades required to offer 5G. However it is worth noting that there is a PAN notice in for 257 London Road, so that may have also had an impact on upgrade potential. The applicant writes “The new site will provide improved vital 4G connectivity and introduce the most up to date 5G technology to this cell area.”

The application is quite inaccessible, with large paragraphs of text in poorly labeled files, so if you have any questions, please do feel free to email us. Further details can be found by searching for application 24/01468/PNT, and all comments, views and objections should be submitted to by 19/07/2024. These should go directly to Glasgow City Council, but we would love to be copied in, using the address planning& Similarly, you can ask us any questions on this application at the same email.

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