Our response to the monopole planning application

Monopole design, as included in the planning application

On 09/02, Calton Community Council submitted a response to application 22/03056, aka the installation of a 20m telecommunications monopole, associated cabinets and ancillary works at the site opposite 286 London Road. You can read our response below, which was informed by community reactions and conversations with local residents.

Calton Community Council objects to this application on the basis of location and style.
The community council feels that the application would be much better suited shifting the monopole approximately 20m South West of the currently indicated location, instead situating it in the land to the left of 286 London Road. This shift of location means the monopole’s height feels less severe – having the backdrop of a three-story building rather than two.
If this altered location went ahead, we feel the current style is suitable, however, we would like the applicant to consider a softer, more tree-like style if the current location was maintained. We feel that the harsh “urban street furniture” style of the current application is not sympathetic to the trees it will sit within, and would rather see a style that reflected its context.
We appreciate the connectivity that this monopole provides for the community, and understand that for the apparatus to function properly it must fit certain standards, but we feel that these minor adjustments would not affect the service that the applicant is looking to provide. We hope you agree.

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