Update on High Street Scottish Water Works

Image of the Road Closed sign currently situated by the High Street/Duke Street/George Street crossroads
Image from Scottish Water

Calton Community Council has received a further update regarding the repair work currently taking place on High Street. Scottish Water have informed us of the following:

“I have been liaising with our project team and can now inform you that, unfortunately, we have encountered several issues on High Street since our works began. We have found additional issues which must be addressed urgently. These issues are completely unforeseen and could not have been ascertained until we began excavations. Uncharted services, remnants of old worksites that predate modern records and tricky ground conditions are adding to the complications.

We are currently reviewing our work programme and we now anticipate that the road closure will remain in place until around Friday 30 June, 2023. The existing road traffic management will remain in place.”

They went on to emphasise that they apologise for the disruption, and will work with local businesses and residents to minimise any disruption. They also say they aim to reopen the road sooner if they can.

Further details can be read on the Scottish Water website, at https://www.scottishwater.co.uk/In-Your-Area/Investments-in-Your-Area/031122-High-Street-Glasgow

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