Bonfire Night/Fireworks protocol

An image of a firework in the night sky

In 2023, Glasgow City authorities are taking a proactive stance against the serious issues of fireworks misuse and bonfires, recognizing their potential danger to community safety. Acknowledging the traditional association of bonfires with November 5th celebrations, the joint efforts of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Glasgow City Council, Neighbourhoods Regeneration and Sustainability, Police Scotland, Trading Standards, Crimestoppers, and the Scottish Burned Children’s Club have led to the creation of a robust protocol. This initiative aims to identify, report, and remove bonfires and related materials, focusing on public areas and deliberate fire setting. The protocol, supported by an education and youth engagement strategy, seeks to reduce the instances of bonfires in public spaces, emphasizing the importance of responsible firework use. Through collaborative efforts and community engagement, this protocol strives to enhance public safety, ensuring consistent practices and thereby creating safer public spaces for everyone.

Read the full protocol:

Useful Contact Telephone Numbers

  • Scottish Fire and Rescue Service
    • To report a fire contact 999
  • Community Action Team
  • Police Scotland
    • In Relation to: Any Misuse of Fireworks (e.g.: times, location)
      Call 101 (999 in an emergency)
  • Glasgow City Council Bonfire uplift
    • 0141 287 9700
  • Trading Standards
    • In relation to: Underage sales (to under 18s), unsafe or unlicensed storage by shops, dangerous fireworks i.e., not made to European Standards
      0141 287 1061
  • If you have any information regarding fires that have been started deliberately in your area, you can call the Crimestoppers Scotland hotline on 0800 555 111.

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