Fire and Rescue detail essential Bonfire Night Protocols

Firewood burning

Photo of a bonfire by Luke Porter on Unsplash

Scottish Fire and Rescue have released a document detailing important safety information and protocols in relation to bonfires and fireworks.

Below is a summary of key advice, but you can find the full document at the end of this post

  • If at all possible, attend an organised event
  • Take time to consider the impacts of bonfires and fireworks on people and animals
  • Ensure bonfires are a safe distance from buildings, trees and power lines
  • Ensure smoke and embers do not disturb others
  • Setting off fireworks in a public place, or outside of the hours of 6pm – 11pm (besides a few exceptions) is illegal
  • Plan all fireworks displays and keep any unused fireworks safely out of the way, and in their original box

To report an out of control fire, contact the Fire Service on 999

To report Misuse of Fireworks, contact the Police on 101

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