Give your views on busses

A photo of George Street from George Square, including a First Bus
Photo by Enhance Photography on Unsplash

SPT’s consultation on their recommended options to deliver the future bus network is now open. SPT is recommending two bus reform options as basis for the Strathclyde Regional Bus Strategy – local services franchising and Bus Service Improvement Partnerships (BSIP).

SPT wants to understand how much you agree or disagree with these options and why you feel this way. This consultation feedback will help inform the framework within which they develop the more detailed bus strategy over the next year.

Please go to for more information on the consultation and how to respond via the online questionnaire.

Please contact if you experience any problems with accessing or using the consultation materials or questionnaire. The deadline for responding is midnight Monday 13 May 2024, and a copy of the consultation document is attached below.

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