Glasgow Winter Maintenance Plan

Decorative image: A snowy residential scene with slushy roads
Photo by kokouvi Essena on Unsplash

If you want to learn more about gritting and the Glasgow City Council’s winter maintenance plan, you can find all the information on the Winter Gritting Story Map.

Two important pieces of information.

  1. The grit plan will prioritise Cycle Way Routes/busy commuter routes. This winter the following lengths will be added: 1.4km of segregated cycleway on London Rd (London Dr to Baillieston Rd); 300m cycleway at Festival Park (Govan Rd at Pacific Dr to Harvie St) and a designated route through Pollok Country Park.
  2. In addition to the gritting service and to promote ‘self-help’, 1611 grit bins will be sited in the city at the commencement of the winter season to allow members of the public to grit in areas out with the priority gritting routes. These grit bins will be filled with untreated rock salt before the start of winter. Grit bin locations can be viewed online via the Winter Gritting Story Map which can also be used to request a refill. QR codes on grit bins will allow residents to request a refill or request that a damaged grit bin be replaced. There will also be a phone number for those who don’t use QR codes.

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