Our response to the cafe at 212 Gallowgate

A google street view image of 212 gallowgate
212 Gallowgate, image from Google Street View

On 16/02, Calton Community Council submitted a response of support to applications  22/03053/FUL, aka the conversion of a vacant premises as a cafe (Class 3). You can read our response to the application below, though it is important to clarify that we had not had comments from the community about these proposals, so the opinions expressed in the comments are exclusively formed by Community Councillor views.

Calton Community Council supports the conversion of a vacant premises into a cafe, though we do have some accessibility concerns. It is a shame that the main space of this cafe is exclusively served by a staircase which seems to not even meet regulations itself (the drawings show 20 rises to a flight, and Building Standards 4.3.4 advise that there should be no more than 16 rises to a flight).

However, despite this, we are keen to see the space actively being used and would like to reemphasise that we do support this application. We wish the applicant the best of luck!

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