Our response to the Police Headquarters application

View of the development from St Andrews Square shows the old police headquarters remaining relatively unchanged
Image taken from the original planning application

On 13/02 (for the full application) and 15/02 (for the listed building application), Calton Community Council submitted a response of support to applications 22/03263/FUL and 23/00052/LBA, aka the use of the former Central Police Headquarters building as 45no fatted dwellings and associated works. Unfortunately, due to a technical error, the response to the full application was not submitted correctly and therefore not received by the City Council, but you can read our response to the listed building application below, which was informed by community reactions and conversations with local residents.

Calton Community Council supports the reuse of such an important historic building in the sensitive manner that this application shows. After conversation with local residents and the wider community, we support the redevelopment of the Police Headquarters into flatted dwellings and feel that the applicant has gone to great effort to ensure that the facade of the listed building is maintained and even improved upon.

We have also discussed the large amount of alteration that this application makes to the interior of the listed building and feel that, due to significant deterioration, it is appropriate to make these changes.

Calton Community Council also supports that this development does not include car parking spaces, as we feel that the site is located close enough to the city centre that it is suitably well connected to active travel routes. We appreciate that there have been multiple comments from local residents regarding the close proximity to their own homes, and their concerns about fire risk, noise and overlooking. We are confident that the City Council would not allow this application to proceed should it not follow planning regulations, but urge that these points are addressed and clarified with residents.

Finally, Calton Community Council would like to confirm that they have not seen any previous iterations of plans for the Police Headquarters that other commenters have noted, and so cannot comment on how this application compares.

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