Our response to the flats at Spoutmouth/Molendinar Street

Image taken from the original planning application

On 31/07, Calton Community Council submitted a response of support to application 23/01200/FUL, aka the erection of flatted residential development of 34 flats with two ground-floor commercial units at the site bounded by Molendinar Street/Spoutmouth/ Gallowgate. You can read our response below, which was informed by discussion with local residents and review of the other comments submitted. Unfortunately, we received no comments from general members of the public, and would urge that in future you send us a quick email if you have any views on applications we share.

Calton Community Council supports the use of this vacant site as 34 much-needed residential flats. Whilst we acknowledge the local resident’s objection to the retail units, we feel that having an active commercial street frontage is vital to making Gallowgate a vibrant street that draws people East from the city centre. We are also grateful to see bike storage and lots of greenspace on the plans, especially the corner made available as public amenity space. If possible, we would love to see the Applicant contribute in a similar way to support Barrowlands Park, as we feel that this space will be extremely valuable to new residents.
We do feel that the development is slightly high – the sections on page 26 of the design and access statement seem to be carefully aligned to avoid highlighting the height difference between this development and 151 Gallowgate. We would appreciate it if the case officer could consider this when making their decision, as we could not see this building on the elevations either.
Overall, however, we support this application and are glad to see the site developed. We wish the applicant good luck with their project!

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