Planning Application – Installation of 20m telecommunications monopole

Drawing showing a pole of height 20m, sat amongst a 10m lamppost, 8m trees and a nearby building height of 5.2m
Proposed monopole, as included in the planning application

An application has been received for the installation of a 20m telecommunications monopole, associated cabinets and ancillary works. This application is for the site opposite 286 London Road (Southeast of 56 Claythorn Park), and the applicant describes the mast to be “street furniture style” with 6 antennas, 2 300mm dishes, and 4 cabinets. The application intends to provide “network services, including 5G, to those customers living, working and visiting/travelling in the local area” and the lead operator is Vodafone.

Further details can be found by searching for 22/03056/PNT, and all comments, views and objections should be sent by 09/02/2023 to planning&

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