Planning Application – Updated RBS ATM sign at 182 Abercromby Street

Where the existing RBS cash machine is, the sign is being replaced with one significantly more minimal. Instead of a blue sign which reads "Royal Bank of Scotland Cashline", along with decorative light blue and pink stripes, the sign is now purple with a small "Royal Bank of Scotland" text underneath their logo.
Proposed elevation, as included in the Design Booklet

An application has been received for the installation of 1 non-illuminated ATM signage, at 182 Abercromby Street Glasgow G40 2RZ. This is an existing Royal Bank of Scotland ATM machine, in the wall of KeyStore, and the application appears to just be an update of the existing branding around the ATM.

Further details can be found by searching for 23/01300/ADV and all comments, views and objections should be sent by 30/06/2023 to planning&

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