Planning Application – Bar and Restaurant addition to Outlier, London Road

An application has been received for the part use of a gallery (Class 10) and licensed restaurant (Class 3) as a public bar (Sui generis), which includes the erection of an extract flue and installation of windows to 2no. former openings at the rear. This application is for 38 London Road, aka. Outlier Cafe. Within the application letter, the work is described as “internal works to Outlier Cafe to expand the offer to include licenced bar and restaurant space to the rear, and relocation of bakery/kitchen and associated vent to lower ground storage space, including proposed opening of existing bricked up windows.” When looking closer at the elevations, it appears that thought has been taken as to how the new extraction flue would affect the residential courtyard space behind, and a swan-neck flue, 1m above patio level, has been chosen to minimise the flue exhaust’s impact.

Further details can be found by searching for 23/01077/FUL and all comments, views and objections should be sent by 13/07/2023 to planning&

At the rear of outlier, beyond the existing cafe space, is shown on the floor plan as having 16 tables plus a selection of longer bar-style seating, as well as an accessible toilet. There are 98 seats in the drawing, on top of the 40 currently in the cafe.
Proposed floor plan, showing new licenced bar space at the rear of the cafe

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