Pre-Planning consultation: Base station and 20m high monopole in the Barras

A line drawing of a 20m high monopole sitting besides the Barras sign, with two cabinets installed. The pole sits above the treeline.
The proposed Base Station and Monopole, as included in the drawing package attached below

Calton Community Council has been approached regarding the installation of a Base Station and monopole to the South East side of the building at the corner of Bain Street/Stevenson Street. The letter (attached in full at the end of this post) notes that this location was chosen because “A new site has been proposed as there are no telecoms installations within the search area suitable for upgrading. “

The specific installation includes a “Proposed 20.0m high Orion V2 Pole on a new T9 root foundation, together with 6No. Antennas, 1No. GPS Modules, 2No. ᴓ300mm Dishes, Yorkshire Equipment Cabinets and associated ancillary works.” The drawings of these are attached to the end of this blog post.

The full planning application is likely to be submitted on the 12th of April, so any pre-planning comments should be sent to planning& before then. Comments can also be received after the formal planning application has been submitted.

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