Street Play survey

A girl wearing a grey shirt and beanie hat stretches her arms out to reach for a bubble
Photo by Stas Ostrikov on Unsplash

The following message is from Glasgow City Council:

Street Play is an initiative run by Glasgow City Council and Glasgow Life that allows communities to close local roads free of charge on specified dates so children can play safely outside close to their homes. It aims to bring communities closer together by providing local groups and residents the opportunity to take back their streets and enjoy a traffic-free environment.

Street Play is an initiative that is open to residents and not-for-profit local organisations (such as community groups, schools, or housing associations). Applicants can use any of the hours in between or the full 10.00 am to 4.00 pm. Applications of a commercial nature and/or require a licence of any sort will not be applicable for street play.

GCC is undertaking a review of Street Play and would appreciate your help. They have created an online survey and would appreciate it if you could spend a few minutes completing it. The survey can be found at the following link and should take no mre than 5 minutes to complete. Please note the dealine for the survey is 23rd November 2024.

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