The “Community Justice Glasgow” Report has been released

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Community Justice Glasgow have presented their Annual report for 2021-22, at This is an online, searchable report with videos, audio-blogs, seminars etc, to make it engaging and casually browsable.

Tabs are arranged across the ‘touch points’ of the justice system. Community Justice partners wanted to take an opportunity to highlight the range and depth of services that sit across these more identifiable points at which people who commit or are suspected of committing offences come into contact with the justice system:

  • · Prevention / Earlier Interventions
  • · Arrested
  • · Sentenced
  • · Re-integration

In addition, this year’s Reporter provides an extensive resources directory set across the 9 priority themes for Community Justice including research, evidence base, videos, and blogs – generally opportunities for learning what Community Justice is about and why the CJG prioritises these themes – Click on the HOME tab and scroll down to USEFUL LINKS AND RESOURCES.

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