TRNSMT and Glasgow Green

The TRNSMT lineup across the 3 days of events.
The TRNSMT lineup, as taken from

On behalf of Calton Community Council our Chair, Tricia Fort, attended the first briefing (online) for this event, which was held on Wednesday 22 February, getting quite a bombardment of information, from Denise Hamilton of the City Council, Claire Lenaghan and Karen McColl of DF. Martin Lundie from GCC, Nicky McVey of Police Scotland, Cllr George Redmond and Katrina Gauci, chair of Bridgeton & Dalmarnock Community Council were also there.
2 Public Briefings- drop-in sessions will be held at the Calton Heritage & Learning Centre on London Road, on 19 April and 24 May, 5:30 – 7 and on 04 July there will be a walk around the site for Community & Council reps.
DF are focussing on queuing this time – it was particularly bad on the Saturday last year.

There will be 4 full days of music:
Day 1 Thursday 06 July, Def Leopard & Motley Cru, max 18, 000 attendance, opens 5pm, closes 11pm but hospitality tent until 12.
Days 2-4, TRNSMT Friday 07 – Sunday 09 July, 50,000 attendance each day. Gates open 12pm close 11pm but hospitality until 12.
Age limit raised to no under 16s this year (from 12)
DF will take over the site on Thursday 22 June with deliveries that weekend and site work commencing Monday 26 June. Hours of work: 8 – 8 Monday to Saturday, 10 – 8 Sunday,
Site breakdown will start on Monday 10 July and the park will be back open Friday 14 July
The site plan hasn’t changed since last year.
The on-site entrance procedure is to be improved and the staff entrance, and deliveries, will be at Charlotte Street.
The ticket ballot for local residents will be published late March/early April

The guide for local residents, with contact details, will be issued mid-May and vehicle permits for local residents will be issued.
There is a possible (likely, but not yet formally approved) Boyne Parade on 01 July with the half-way stage rally taking place in the Green but within the area being set up for TRNSMT. In response to a question, Tricia was assured by Denise Hamilton and George Redmond that everything is being done to reduce the time the Parade is in the Green and surrounding area and that Police Scotland are aware of the drinking being done by supporters.
We were told that signage around the site for people walking and cycling would be improved and that the children’s playpark at the west end of the Green will be open except for the 4 days of music.
The UCI cycle event is taking place early August but no further details were given.

If you have any questions/comments you can either email (although the above is the only information available to date) or Denise Hamilton at or Councillor George Redmond at
More information will be posted as it becomes available.

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