What funding is available as Glasgow becomes the Capital of Sport?

A series of three images. The first has two women smiling at the camera, wearing fitness outfits, with overlaying text of "get ready". The second is a man on a skateboard, with text reading "get out". Finally, an older lady in a swimming costup=me, cap and goggles stretches, with text stating "get active"
Image from Glasgow Life

Did you know Glasgow is the European Capital of Sport 2023? Lots of information can be found at https://www.glasgowlife.org.uk/sport/european-capital-of-sport-2023, but Glasgow Life has informed us that there is now the opportunity for funding through the European Capital of Sport Fund. The fund aims to support communities across Glasgow to celebrate sport and increase the opportunities for people to enjoy the benefits of taking part in sport and physical activity, regardless of background or ability.

The fund has 2 elements to support community organisations:

• The Celebrate element will support communities to come together to find out more about opportunities to take part in sports and physical activity in their local area through community events and campaigns.

• The Innovate element will support organisations to create exciting programmes and activities for new audiences in their local communities, breaking down the barriers to participation in sport and physical activity, particularly for groups who are underrepresented.

Visit https://www.glasgowlife.org.uk/sport/european-capital-of-sport-2023/european-capital-of-sport-fund-2023 or email grants@glasgowlife.org.uk for more info and to apply!

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