Firework Control Zones are on the horizon – have your views on how they will work

A sparkling orange firework against a black sky
Photo by Erwan Hesry on Unsplash

The following information comes from Glasgow City Council:

Firework Control Zones (FCZs) are a measure included in the Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Articles (Scotland) Act 2022, and give local authorities the power to designate areas where it will only be permitted to use fireworks as part of a public fireworks display, or by a person who is employed by, or acting under the direction of, a regulatory authority and using fireworks for that purpose.

The Scottish Government see FCZ’s as a key part of their holistic approach to changing the relationship that Scotland has with fireworks. They are holding a series of workshops across Scotland to provide communities with a chance to let their views be heard as guidance is developed for local authorities on designating these zones. They would like to invite you to join an interactive workshop where you will get all of the information you need about zones and an opportunity to discuss and provide feedback on how these could best be used to address some of the issues caused by misuse of fireworks in Scotland.

See where workshops are taking place and book a place at

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