Celtic’s Successful 2024 Season

Collage of images showing a large number of fans gathered in Merchant City, drinking and setting off flares.
Image from the Glasgow Times

Many people in Calton will be supporters of Celtic Football Club, but not so many of us will be supporters of what happened at Glasgow Cross on 27 May last year, when there was some extremely poor behaviour from some fans, residents were unable to leave or get back to their homes, businesses closed, emergency vehicles had no access through the Cross and damage was done to property.
Calton Community Council has written to Glasgow City Council, Police Scotland and Celtic Football Club to ask that arrangements are made for this year, this Saturday, 18 May, so that fans may celebrate without endangering their safety and wellbeing and that residents, visitors and businesses at Glasgow Cross and its surrounds do not have their safety and wellbeing put at risk.
As yet, we have had no significant response.

Image from the Scottish Daily Express

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