Centre For Civic Innovation asks “TELL US WHERE WE SHOULD SPEND £1 MILLION IN CALTON!”

An image that reads "Tell us where we should spend £1 million in Calton? Glasgows neighbourhood Infrastructure Improvemment FUnd has made £1 million available for infrastructure improvements." Below this text are drawings of people, with speech bubbles reading "How would you improve your area?" "Your voice matters!" and "Vote online now!"

After hearing from Derek Speirs at the last public meeting, the Centre for Civic Innovation has asked us to share the following. A project information booklet is at the end of this post:

The Neighbourhood Infrastructure Improvement Fund is available to improve things like roads, lighting and making your street look better. Tell us what you think is important by clicking the link below:


You can also find details of where physical voting boxes are at the end of the same website.

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