Councillor Greg Hepburn’s report

Photograph of Glasgow City Council Chambers
Photo by Dorin Seremet on Unsplash

Councillor Greg Hepburn has offered apologies and his report for the AGM held on the 13th of October.

“I raised issues from our last meeting with the departments and officers and provided an update to the Chair with the responses that I received. I was given reassurance that each would be dealt with, but I understand that the CC is still not receiving planning/licensing notices. I have flagged this up again and I am hoping that it is resolved swiftly.

Secondly, I was going to raise ongoing issues at Glasgow Green and Free Wheel North, which have been escalating for some months. The organisation is an independent charity that holds a lease from the Council, which limits the options for Cllrs to get involved. However, alongside other local members, I have been raising concerns about the ongoing continuation of the service with Council officers and have shared our concerns with OSCR, the charity regulator, who we understand are investigating the matter formally.”

Calton Community Council can confirm that we are now receiving both planning and licensing notices.

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