Funding Opportunity from Tesco Stronger Starts

The left hand side of the image has text that reads "tesco stronger starts supports thousands of local community projects and good causes across the UK", the right hand side of the image has two children digging in a raised bed full of flowers
Image from the Tesco Stronger Starts website

The Tesco Stronger Starts funding programme awards 3 groups quarterly after each 3-month instore customer voting period. This is a rolling programme, where community groups or charities can apply for funding all year round, however, the sooner groups apply the sooner they may likely to be selected for funding.

Groups are awarded 1st – £1,500; 2nd – £1,000 and 3rd – £500 after the vote results are counted. The funding process is also a great opportunity for groups to promote the good work that they do locally. For further details follow this link

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