Where does the TRNSMT levy go?

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Councillor Linda Pike has assisted us in finding where the Environmental Levy from the sale of TRNSMT tickets ends up. The response is below:

I can advise that the environmental levy applied to events held in parks is not ringfenced for the park the event is held in.  The income is used to support all NRS services, some of which is across the City parks and open spaces to support maintenance and improvements.  The levy value for major events from 1 April 2023 is as per the table below.

Weekend style tickets>£100£2.50 per ticket sold£4 per ticket sold£4.50 per ticket sold
>20,000£50.01-£100£1.25 per head of capacity£2 per ticket sold£2.50 per ticket sold
Glasgow City Council response

2 thoughts on “Where does the TRNSMT levy go?”

  1. George Rawlinson

    It would be good to have a breakdown of the sums taken in by the levy and how these were allocated. It looks as if it is a case that the funds just go into NRS services budget for them to spend as they choose? Last year NRS should have repaired holes in Glasgow Green made for the Transmit event but they did not do this. Where is the money used??

    1. Chloe Pimblett

      This is something we are keen to find out too! The Community Council are still exploring different ways we might find where the money goes, and why NRS are not completing the repairs they have been paid to do.

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