Planning Application – Display of two signs at 121 Saltmarket

A sign that has the letters "R-CADE" in a pixelated font. The text is 440mm high and centered in a 1170mm sign. The text is white with a coloured border that fades from a pink to blue gradient
One of the proposed signs, as per the Planning Application

An application has been received for the display of two non-illuminated facia signs at 121 Saltmarket, also known as R-CADE.

The building sits within the Central conservation area, and is a B listed building, and the applicant seems to have not referenced either of these in the application.

An image of 121 Saltmarket, with bright LED windows but a plain black fascia (no shop name)
An image that R-CADE supplied to Google. The signs would sit the full length of the shopfront at fascia level

Further details can be found by searching for 23/00059/ADV or and all comments, views and objections should be sent by 17/03/2023 to planning&

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