What is your experience of living in Glasgow?

Glasgow City Council are inviting you to take part in the Early Engagement for the City Development Plan 2 (CDP2). CDP2 will be a corporate land use document setting out place-specific policies as to the development and regeneration of the city looking 20 years ahead. The new plan will establish where new homes, schools, businesses, and open spaces should be located.
We want to hear from you! Tell us about how you feel about the area where you live, work or visit.
What do you think needs to be improved? What needs to be protected?
Let us know by taking our My Neighbourhood, My City – Place Standard Survey. The survey will close on 1 February 2024, and it can be found on the CDP2 Information Hub.
Our CDP2 Information Hub has all the information about the CDP2 and how you can get involved. Dates and times for in-person events can be found on the CDP2 Information Hub and in the table attached.

Information Hub URL: www.glasgow.gov.uk/CDP2

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