Licensing Application – On and Off-License Alcohol Variations

An application has been received for a variation to the alcohol license held by Admiral Taverns Piccadilly for the Chrystal Bell, 31 Gallowgate. The variation proposes to a) add seasonal variations; b) allow bar meals outwith core licensed hours; c) allow premises to open at 08:00am for the provision of tea; coffee; breakfast etc; d) add the following to other activities; ‘The premises may be used for charity events, community events and meetings.’; and e) remove the following local condition: ‘Music and other potentially noisy activities should be inaudible within nearby noise sensitive buildings and dwellings.’

Calton Community Council is keen to hear more about this application and will ask for further details while collecting residents’ views. The last date for objection or representation is the 15th of December, and any comments can be sent to us via email at planning&

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