Licensing Application – Variation of Whistler on the Green’s Licence

An application has been received for an Application for a Variation of Premises Licence. The applicant, BoozeForYou, is at the address of Whistler on the Green, 5 Greendyke Street. The variation is quite detailed and so has been directly copy-and-pasted below:

“Variation proposes to a) add off sales facilities Monday to Sunday from 11.00am until 10.00pm with an alcohol display area of 7m2; b) increase the on sale commencement hour on Sunday from 12.30pm to 11.00am; c) allow bar meals, receptions, club or other group meetings and televised sport outwith core hours; d) permit films, gaming, indoor/outdoor sport within core licensed hours and outdoor drinking facilities within and outwith core hours; e) provide a delivery and takeaway service of food and alcohol; f) amend the layout of the premises by incorporating an external area to the front of the premises to seat 4 persons; and g) allow children and young persons aged 0-17 years access to all public areas of the premises for the purpose of a meal, snacks, soft drinks etc or to attend functions if accompanied by an adult.  Accompanied children will have access until 9.00pm or until the end of a function.  Accompanied young persons until 11.00pm or until the end of a function and unaccompanied young persons until 8.00pm.”

The last date for objection or representation is the 3rd of November, and any comments can be sent to us via email at planning&

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