Milngavie burst water main update

We have received the following update from Scottish Water regarding the burst water main on Auchenhowie Road, Milngavie:

Our repair teams are onsite at as we begin our preparations to undertake repairs on the burst 36” water main.

We are working with our utility partners to ensure the safe excavation of the area required.

To ensure the safety of our teams and members of the public, Glasgow Road and parts of Auchenhowie road will remain closed with local diversions in place and it is expected this will remain in place until repairs are complete.

Due to the extent of the damage caused, we anticipate that following repair, it will take approximately two weeks to carry out the full reinstatement and removal of traffic management and local diversions.

As our reinstatement progresses we hope to be in a position to scale back on diversion routes.

We apologise for the inconvenience and disruption that this is causing for our customers and we want to thank everyone for their patience in what has been a significant incident.

Now that water supplies are restored, some customers may experience some discoloured water supply and we have the following advice for any customers who may contact you.

If anyone’s water is brown/discoloured, please be assured that this is the natural lying sediment within the mains that has been disturbed and we advise to allow your cold-water kitchen tap to run at reduced pressure until this runs clear. Whilst doing so, please do not run any other taps or water appliances until this is clear from your cold water kitchen tap. Please follow this process for any other taps affected.

If anyone experiences white water, this is air in the water supply following the interruption and this will settle within 24/48hrs.

We are aware of ongoing supply issues in the G3 area. If you are experiencing these issues and you are located in any of the listed streets below, please contact your factor or Sanctuary Housing. The water supply to the individual properties is pump fed and these need to be reset. Elderslie Street -William Street -Elliott Street -Argyle Street -Shaftsbury Street

Any customers who require additional support are encouraged to sign up to our Priority Services Register either online at or call our customer helpline on 0800 0778 778.

If customers require any further assistance, please call us on 0800 0778 778 or via one of the other methods on our contact us page at

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