Calton’s Regeneration Framework detailed

An image showing the border of the Regeneration area, including areas such as St Andrews, London Road, a small area of The Barras, Barrack Street and Collegelands
Image from the (Y)our Merchant City Regeneration document linked below

At Calton Community Council’s next public meeting (9th February), we will hear from a guest from Glasgow City Council, to share details about the Merchant City District Regeneration Plan (which also includes areas of Calton!) In advance of this, we have attached the Regeneration Handbook below, for interested members of the community to look over.

The public consultation for this plan opened on the 20th and will run until the 3rd of March, and the survey can be found at .

We hope to see you at our public meeting on the 9th of February to hear more about the plans!

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